Monday, February 25, 2008

The Un-Blackballing Of The Spaceman Continues

Bill Lee finally makes Red Sox Hall of Fame!

Also to be inducted in 2008 are two of my favorites--Mike Greenwell (again, Gedman was more of a cult-hero to us in the 80s, Greenwell was my actual favorite--well, after a certain later-traitor...) and Mo Vaughn, whose father worked with my dad from when Mo was in short pants. (Hopefully Mo's plaque won't show any strippers or steroids.)

There will also be a new "memorable moment" inducted: Teddy Ballgame's homer in his last at bat. Memorable Moments, you ask? Do they have their own plaques, you ask? And if so, did you happen to take a shot of those on your Fenway Tour yesterday, Jere, you ask? Well, yes, yes they do, and yes I did:

*photo of an unsuspecting Bill Lee eating dinner also taken by me

I was mad that they ushered us through this part of the tour so fast. We had no time in this area, and it seems to me to be one of the most important spots on the tour.
Yeah, plus there was that loud cell phone conversation right then that messed everything up.

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