Sunday, February 10, 2008


Here's NECN's report on truck day. The red-haired woman with Steve the Ferret is Kelly, aka Sitting Still. (Click there for Red Sox photo galleries that are way better than those of the "real" media.) (And ignore the part in the video where they talk about some game in another sport that has nothing to do with the champion Red Sox.)

Jere, I can't believe you found that! We weren't in the first NECN report posted, and I gave up. (Cyn and I were both on WBZ, and I was on WCVB; Steve got his name on, but I was really holding out for TV time for him!)

(This is, of course, far less a reflection on me and Cyn than it is an indication of how many media and how few fans go to Truck Day...!)

You're too kind on the photos. Thanks!
Cool. In the first photos I saw of Truck Day, which Joy of Sox linked to, you were in the second pic, with a NECN microphone in front of you. I was at my parents' in CT this weekend, and my dad said he saw something about Truck Day on NECN. I said, Did you see the red-haired lady?? And he was like, Yup. So I went to their site, and after wrestling with it for a while, I got to their Truck Day vid, and there you were. Nice job.

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