Saturday, February 02, 2008

Still Love The Old World

Remember my video-blog on the Celtics tickets I got with the default Yankees disclaimer on the back? Well, I just got my Jon Richman tickets in the mail, also from ticketmasturbater (he's playing the Middle East in March), and guess what--more Yankee crap on the back. It's almost like with these, they did change parts of the long text, but left in some Yankee parts. All I know is, if the Richman "game" is cancelled, I can trade in my ticket in exchange for any other Yankee game. So ridiculous.

The second-to-last person to speak on camera in this short video, "What would we do without internet?", (white scarf) lets you witness society as it falls down. The last person they show is my hero.

Feel free to go back again and listen to each speech. It's hilarious. "I wouldn't know where my friends were." I wonder if the kid would remember how to eat breakfast if he didn't have the internet to tell him to chew and swallow. "Hey, I just took a crap, does anyone know what I should do next?" "Just Google it, dude."

But then our hero, that last girl, you can tell she really wants to say, "Yeah, I'd fucking know what to do because I'm not a moron and in fact I'd fucking love it because as you can tell by dipshit over there, I'd suddenly rule the goddamn world. Je-sus."


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