Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Son Of A Gate

Don't you hate that "sons of" has become synonymous with "message board about"? Whoever came up with the title "Sons of Sam Horn" took a famous serial killer's nickname and combined it with a former Red Sox player. Clever. So if you want to be clever, come up with your own combination. Don't just add "sons of" to whatever it is you're talking about.

At least with "-gate," I think most people know that it doesn't really mean "controversy," it's just the suffix of the hotel name of the original scandal. But with "sons of," I mean, if it weren't for the Spike Lee movie, I'd guess a solid majority of Americans wouldn't know what the hell "Son of Sam" means.

(After re-reading that first paragraph, I realize I need to point out that I'm only defending the name of the site, not the site itself. I'm a Royal Rooters guy. (And, yes, I see the irony--they just used a pre-existing name. But at least they didn't call it "Sons of the Royal Rooters."))

I am pretty tired of the -gate suffix as well. It's been 35 years, it is getting tired. And I hate the way people smirk after they stick it on the end of some word combination that is already too long. As though they are the first person to make up an awkward-sounding phrase ending in "gate."
You know, we might get through this current "news cycle" without hearing about Obama's "Kinda-Plagiarism-Gate." I haven't heard it yet.

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