Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So Good

I was pissed last night when I heard Pettitte wouldn't be testifying tomorrow. But it turns out he's basically already implicated Clemens. If it hasn't come across here that I am loving every second of this, I apologize.

Now both Canseco and Rocker have hinted at A-Rod having done 'roids, too. Not my favorite people in the world, but why would they go out of their way to lie, specifically about A-Rod? Oh, right, because he's so incredibly fun to pick on. But still! Ah, well, even if it turns out he never did it, it doesn't matter, because this Clemens thing is fun enough.

[Update: Now somebody says that something didn't mean something, but really something else. Or something. All I know is, Rusty Hardin is a weird man who says "waste" instead of garbage and reminds me of my 6th grade social studies teacher who wore cowboy boots and a string tie and made us watch the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour when we should have been playing kickball.]


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