Friday, February 01, 2008

Sean-Shane/Yes More Mr. Nice-Guy

Sox get 33-year old first baseman Sean Casey.

In Little League, there were two kids who were buddies, who both played for my team, with my dad as coach. Their names were Sean Egan and Shane Casey. My dad (almost as a pre-cursor to him calling my later-in-lfe friends Chan and Andy by one name, "Chandy") referred to both Sean and Shane as "Sean-shane." So he should be happy that the Sox have a true mix of the two, Sean Casey.

I remember Casey being interviewed in the dugout last year by Cervasio, I think, about his hunger foundation in Massachusetts. What I didn't know was that the co-founder is Conan O'Brien. Casey is also the nicest guy in baseball, as voted by the other players.

I checked his all-time hit chart at Fenway, to see if this lefty attempted to use the wall. And he did have a rash of flyouts to shallow left, but only one career Fenway hit to the opposite field, a single. So he was trying, it looks like. Maybe half-heartedly. Someone should tell him how to do that. Someone besides JD Drew. (Thanks to back-to-back Kwiz Champ AJM for the heads-up.)

I have absolutely no stories to tell about Sean Casey!

Probably a good guy for that role; no power, slow as molasses, but a very good hitter, decent fielder, and an upgrade over Hinske...all for $800K.

I saw on SoSH that pretty much all of his doubles last year were pulled to rightfield. Maybe Fred Lynn could instruct him in using the wall during Spring Training...which is only a few weeks away.

Now they just need to sign the 4th outfielder (5th if you assume Coco doesn't get traded).
You might not know this, but a few years back, you collected a bunch of Fred Lynn stuff.

I would love to have both Coco and Jacoby on the team. Don't know how feasible it is, but Coco is a world-class fielder.
Actually, I lied...a woman who used to work at my company gym many years ago went to college with Casey in Virginia. Was friends with him and said what everybody else says...that he's a really good guy.

Remind me to tell that story again in 8 months.

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