Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Red Sox Are On

[9:55: Had a black bean burrito. And a water. Porter Square. Pretty good stuff. Turns out the final score was 15-0. Both games were seven inning trysts, and we were the home team in both, so in 12 offensive innings, we scored 39 runs. TJ, BC and NU.]

[6:45: Rish on the play-by-play to start the third. I wonder if that'll be the norm this year. In my day, it was Coleman for 1-4, Castig for 5-7, then Coleman for 8-9. Anyway, uh, Rish? You don't have to tell us what number pitch it is per at bat. He says, "first pitch from Hansen," which is fine, but then it's "second pitch, strike two." Wow, he doesn't sound nervous, but he's messing up. "First man on for the Huskies--or rather, two outs and a man gets on." Stuff like that. Eh, maybe it's just first-game jitters. We've still got a month til Opening Day--and he'll only be doing a few games the whole year.]

[6:30: "Me, Myself, and I" by De La Soul played coming back from commercial. That's a new one for them, I think. Good choice.]

Wow, wasn't I just sitting in this very room, listening to this little radio, hearing Joe Castiglione wrap up the 2007 season?

Right now, Castiglione is calling the first inning of the first radio game of 2008. We're playing Northeastern, so Joe is having fun talking about the kids. The leadoff man was in his class at NU, and the second guy, a CT dude, went to Reb's high school and is from the town my sister lives in now. Earlier today, the other half of the Red Sox edged Boston College, 24-0.

John Rish is tonight's sidekick for Joe. Hearing him throw it over to Joe sounds normal, as he's been doing just that with the pre-, in-, and post-game reports. But judging from one inning, his role is gonna be "if I've got a joke I'll throw it in, if not I'll just let you do the work" guy. Actually, even his non-jokes sound like jokes just because of the way he talks.

Castig just admitted that during last post-season, he walked past the Cy Young statue at NU every week on the way to his Wednesday afternoon class and he kept doing it superstitiously until the Sox won. He says he'll do it this post-season, or in late September if it's a tight pennant race.

Ooh, the rare and extremely underrated "here we go, Red Sox, here we go" chant heard in Florida. Nice job! And there's Castig's first "the Newton native" of 2008. Just a personal fave of mine--I've got no connection to Newton. Okay, I'm not gonna live-blog this whole thing. But, really, I'm almost in disbelief that I am listening to a Red Sox game right now. The first TV game is tomorrow night--but I've got Celts tickets. Sunday is the next NESN Sox game. I might "announce" it over on YouCastr. I'll let you know. 1-0 Sox after one....

Hey Jere! Glad to see you back active, it's going to be a great season, and we'll be excited to see you back on YouCastr. Lots of great new features on the site


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