Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Psyched WIth A Capital "S" Sound

My mom just hit the Opening Day lottery! I'm in!!!!! See you at the Ring Ceremony & Flag Raising!!!!!

(If you're waiting for "the e-mail" today, my mom got hers at around 6 PM, and I haven't gotten a confirmation or denial yet. So you may or may not still have a chance. Good luck.)

(Update: Got the rejection letter at 8:40.)

No way! I'm so jealous...
I got one too. It looks like my ticket-related luck is turning around. I don't know how likely it is to get into opening day though. Do you have any idea?
Dude, I think you're gold. In my lottery-winning experiences, I've never not gotten tickets. You don't have millions of people to battle with. You just click your link and you should immediately get a chance to buy. Remember, these games don't have a general sale. So ALL the tix for them (besides season tickets) go to the lottery winners. Granted, since you're choosing from 10 games, maybe everyone will go for OD and buy them all up. But for the most part they make it so everybody who wins ends up with tix to something. Just get in early for better choice of seats/games.

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