Monday, February 18, 2008

Pettitte Live

4:09: Okay, so it's over. From ESPN's highlights shown throughout, and before and after, you'd think he spent his whole career only pitching against the Red Sox. I'll do a new post about the whole thing soon.

4:03: The axis of evil (George, Hank, Hal) all reassured Andy, etc., etc. The end.

4:01: Wanted to talk right after Mitchell report. (How about between 2002 and then???)

3:58: Bible talk.

3:57: Didn't testify because "I didn't want to do it." And he talked about not being a coward before?? (Also notes god was the one who made it so he didn't have to. So...)

3:55: Doesn't think he'll be suspended, but hasn't heard from MLB. Says he'll be ready for spring training, arm feels great. Legs: a little behind.

3:52: Now saying stuff to the effect of, "Look what we've gone through--don't cheat or you'll have to go through the same!" Uh, Andy, what about just not doing it because it's wrong? Didn't Jesus teach you that?

3:51: Has apologized to teammates, yadda yadda yadda.

3:50: Didn't take what Hardin said personally. Meaning implying he must be lying since Roger's telling the "truth."

3:48: Strain on friendship with Roger. Hasn't talked to him just because he knew they'd both have to testify. "It's a tough situation."

3:47: Asked about "hostile crowds." We'll see how crowds treat him this year. This is something I'll talk about later.

3:45: As far as the Pettitte stuff, McNamee was truthful, Andy says.

3:41: This sounds like a man who's admitted all there is to admit--about himself (after he was caught). I wish he'd respond to Roger calling him basically an idiot, though.

3:40: Thought it would be a coward way out to retire, which is why he's coming back this season. About HGH: "If it [had been] illegal in baseball, I wouldn't have done it."

3:37: Dodges another Roger question. Now asked about having to go to court if Roger's indicted. Says he's hopin' and prayin' he doesn't have to, and it shouldn't affect his pitching. Sweating a little more now that Roger's mentioned again. Goes for the bottled water. Now says he did speak to Roger. Now admits to going off subject and tells kids to wear helmets since his kid had a four-wheeler accident. Hey, at least the kid didn't take HGH.

3:33: Doesn't think the HGH helped him. McNamee was the one who told him he would be in the Mitchell Report. That he gave him a heads-up about it anyway.

3:31: Asked if there are more times he took performance-enhancing drugs. He says nope, that was it.

3:29: Andy saying he's a stupid and desperate man yet again.

3:28: "Are you a cheater?" He just says he didn't do it to get an edge. "If people think I'm lyin', then they should call me a cheater." Doesn't think he's a cheater. Says it was stupid, and he was desperate, wishes he hasn't done it, but doesn't think he's a cheater.

3:26: Says Mac said HGH could help, but at the same time didn't recommend it to Andy. Asked if he knew his name would be on Mitchell report when he signed contract with Yanks the day before. Doesn't feel he misled club, but does admit he knew his name would come out next day.

3:20: Andy says he had doubt about taking HGH in '02. Mac recommended that he not do it. But he did it. Felt it was the right thing to do. Jesus approved. Is he gonna bring up that "footsteps" poster?

3:15: Jeter, Mo, Posada there. Andy says he hasn't talked to Roger. Andy didn't watch congressional hearings. Great. Can't answer question about the "mis-remembering." Thought so. Another "mis-remembering" question. "I'm just not gonna go there." zzzzzzz Give us the goods, man! He totally won't. Let's see if we can't come up with a question that makes him slip and say, "I'm not stupid, the guy was talking about himself taking HGH just like I did."

3:12: Roger's a friend, etc. "Mac" is also a friend, and will be after this. He's sorry for not telling truth about his dad in initial statement after Mitchell report came out. Andy hopes to move on, win championship, etc. I have a feeling we're not gonna get much outta this....

3:10: The first "y'all." Second, third, etc. His wife dictated this statement? Weird. Thanks Yanks, etc, usual bullshit. Relationship with god (cod) MORE important than the one with family. Ouch! Sorry, kids. Now he's apologizing to the young fans. I battled problems, never did this to get an edge, just to get off DL. (No excuse, guy.)

3:06: Andy putting on his best fake "I'm totally comfortable" smile. Cashman in the house, along with Girardi. Announcer says Andy will take time to answer all Qs. Get on with it, people. Oh, great, here comes the "he can't talk about certain things legally" disclaimer.... Now Andy will give an opening statement.

3:02: We're looking live at empty chairs. Eric "God, I'm a horrible pitcher" Gagne also talked today. He just apologized to his teammates but didn't actually mention his actual steroid use. Okay, Pettitte stepping to mic.

Pettitte's press conference is coming up at 3:00. I will comment on it here as it happens. Then I'll talk more about it afterwards. Watch this space for updates.


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