Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Painful Polling

ESPN just showed a poll on TV: How many of you believe Roger, and how many believe McNamee. They divided it up by state. McNamee won, count 'em, 50 of the 50 states.

Man, even Mondale got Minnesota and DC in '84. (But he should have gotten more! Modale rules! So does Dukakis! Go Duke in '88!)

Rock us Dukakis!...In the words of Futurama.

I have no clue what type of person would believe Clemens.
I put on WFAN after the hearings and Fatso and Fruit Loops did a quick poll of fans on who they believed. 34 people came on, and 30 called Clemens a liar.

The Texas Con Man can say goodbye to the Hall of Fame right now...
4 out of 34--that's a little under 12 percent. Way higher than the day-long poll from Sports Tonight: 3%.

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