Thursday, February 14, 2008

P & C

Pitchers and catchers report Thursday. You know what that means....

"Covering first base" practice!

Remember, run straight to the foul line, then cut left and run along it to the bag. Get the throw, make sure it's securely in your glove, and then find the bag. Everyone got that? Good. Now do it one million times.

I remember my grandpa would always clip the first articles and send them to me down in non-Boston newspaper land, when pitchers and catchers reported. Truck day may be the first sign of spring, but seeing actual players is quite a step up from that, eh?

Someone left Dice-K out in the rain... (ProJo PhoTo)

Always fun to hear from someone who must have played the game.
NOONE else knows about covering first base practice.
I always introduce my LLers to it at the 1st practice. I coach at a level where most of the players are moving to the "big field" for the 1st time. They don't know about holding runners on or balks, and in the division they're coming from, the 2nd baseman has always covered 1st on the ball to the right side. (for good reason, he's a lot closer).
That shit looks so easy, but it's not really. Especially when you're trying it for the 1st time, and there's a baserunner bearing down on you.
God I can't WAIT for the season to start!

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