Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More On Lee, Moron On The Radio

That 1510 station was talking about how Bill lee got elected into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. One host starting going off on Lee, blaming him for the '78 collapse. He told about how the Gerbil wouldn't pitch lee out of spite--and he blamed Lee for it! I just hate the fact that he probably brainwashed a couple thousand young fans. He was acting like Bill Lee was "just tryin' to be different" as opposed to "trying to win," which, if you know Bill Lee, is his main concern on the baseball field. You're talking about a great pitcher--and his manager not pitching him because he didn't want to. And blaming the pitcher instead of the manager.

I think what gets lost in all the other awesome stuff Bill Lee does is how amazing a pitcher he was. He was also the guy to count on to come up big against the Yanks. Provided you put him out there.

Even if you're not a fan of Lee's off-field opinions, if you look at the stats, you realize that him being recognized by the Red Sox for what he did for them on the mound, a good quarter-of-a-century late, is quite justified.

I'd never heard of anyone who was on the Zimmer side of that argument before today. I take it the host-guy was a Republican.

I guess now I know how you all feel when I defend Grady Little on, you know, that one thing.

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