Friday, February 22, 2008

Losers And Winners

Some kid took pictures of Roger at "the barbecue" he doesn't remember being at. The best part about the Clemens thing is not that he's proving himself to be a liar and a cheater, but that he's showing what a jackass he is.

And did you follow the A-Rod thing yesterday? The doofus comes out and admits he was tested 9-10 times last year for steroids, which made people realize, Uh, if you did, it was because you failed a test. So he had to come back and say "Oh, I was exaggerating." Here's a story from today about it.

Damon says the Yanks are in the playoffs. Then again, Pap and Papi are both saying we're the team to beat. Carlos Beltran says the Mets will win in response to Jimmy Rollins Phils prediction last year. The Cubs' Ryan Dempster says they're going all the way--which prompted this from Kevin Millar. (Great video in that article--take a peek.)


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