Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap For Monster Seats

Looks like this sale was for basically any standing room Monster tix you wanted. Unless you wanted a Yanks, Cards, or Opening Day game. So I picked three games, got two seats for one, and singles for the other two.

I was trying to think of what I was doing last Leap Day--2004. I was living in Danbury. The night before, I started this blog. Then I skipped a day before continuing it. I must have been up to something that day. Back then, there were no pictures, no video, no audio, no links, just a standard template and some blabbing about Yankee announcers and how I couldn't get NESN on TV in Fairfield County*. In fact, it was called "A Red Sox Fan in Yankee Territory," until the automatically-placed Google ads started advertising all this Yankee merch right on my site. A little while later, I'd changed the name, and all those ads were gone. If I had waited 18 minutes to post that first post, this blog would've been a Leap Baby, and I'd be celebrating my "first" birthday right now. Instead, it's a less-exciting fourth. If you'll all re-elect me, I'm psyched for four more years. Thanks again for all your support, especially those who have read all 2,700 posts. Let the second term begin!

*four years later, you still can't

Happy 4 year Anniversary!

Funny how I mentioned "re-election," since there's only one name on the ballot. And my thugs will come rough you up if you attempt to write in another name....

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