Friday, February 22, 2008

Kwiz Dickman

I saw this picture on UniWatch the other day. It's Joe Torre smokin' a butt. Or maybe a little cigar. The first thing I noticed was that...well, the point is, it took me a while, but I figured out who the person next to him is, as well as the date and location of the picture. So, that's the kwiz. Tell me the guy at left, and, for slightly less points, the place and date.

John Stuper, on Oct 8, 1982 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. With a candlestick.
My guess is Bruce Suter, Cleveland Stadium, August 9, 1981.
Gene Tenace
Busch Stadium St Louis
1982 NLCS, either 10/7/82 or 10/9/82
Ryan and AJM between them got it.

Torre managed the Braves from '82-'84. At first I thought it was an All-Star Game--I guess that's what heybluu went for--but then I saw the armband on the Cardinal. They only wore it in September and October '82. The Braves didn't play the Cards in September, but did play them in the NLCS.

The Cards uni is most-likely a home one, despite the B&W, so it was either game 1 or 2 of the 3-game sweep. So you each got the stadium.

Now, my guess was that the player with the number ending in 8 would be John Stuper, #48. He was the starting pitcher in Game 2, with was 10/9/82. Tenace didn't play in either game. So, considering this is probably a group of players waiting to go up to the microphones to speak to the press, it would more likely be that day's starter. Then again, it could be after game 1, and Stuper will be interviewed since he'd be going in the next game. But I definitely think Stuper. And Torre has more of a "down 2-0" look than a "down 1-0" look. Ryan put the 8th--but there was no game that day. AJM went with the 7th or 9th.

So, I have to give Ryan a little more for getting the guy I thought it was, but since they both basically nailed it, it will be close.

How's this? Ryan: 3.1. AJM: 2.7. heybluu: .2
The photo is from game 2 of that NLCS, canceled due to rain, which was SUPPOSED to be on Oct 8th (you can see this on wikipedia). Stuper was supposed to pitch that day, but with the delay went on the 9th. I don't know where you first got the picture, but you can see it from the supposed source at the "corbis" site (search for torre w/o illustrations or color photos and you'll find the original, confirming the date.) And the location of the numbers is different for the players that have two digit numbers as those that have only one. Tenace did not play during the NLCS (nor was even on the roster), but Stuper did, and would have been sitting next to torre being the SP. I considered both players, and all 3 dates, but it couldn't have been anything other than 10/8/92 nor Tenace.
Nice call. I knew about the rainout and thought about that theory--I remember looking at Torre's hair thinking it might be wet, and yeah, since Stuper pitched game 2, he woulda been there since it woulda been his night. I read all about Torre complaining about them not calling it earlier or something. Well, this proves one thing--I just did the research straight from the photo clues without going to the source. I didn't even think to go to Corbis' site.

Oh and I think I forgot to mention, Stuper is shown on many baseball cards with the 3/4 sleeve shirt under the jersey, so it's gotta be him.

ABout the caption. It says it's during a rain delay. So why would he be with someone from the other team? Maybe this was a smoking area for both teams? Or maybe since the game was about to be called, they were just waiting (and WATCHING THE PHONE, heh) for the call that it was cancelled, in the press conference room waiting area or whatever.

This wouldn't have affected the scores much. You both zeroed in on the right series, and I guess we can't prove fully that it was Stuper, though I'd bet money on it. So, thanks for the info.

(And maybe I'll "make it up to you in the second half.")

Now about this caption

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