Monday, February 04, 2008

In The News Or Whatever

Jere's mom the protester! (7th paragraph) (I understand my nieces helped out with the "blood"--nice!)

Pettitte testifies. We'll find out eventually if Jesus allows "snitching."

Woman puts seat belt on beer, not baby.

L-girl and Joy Boy were right: Corner Gas is pretty damn funny. When they talked about it, I thought, Well, it could be good, but it's only in Canada, I'll never see it anyway. Then recently I came across it on WGN, and I liked it. I just did the research, and I see it only started being on in the US since September, so I'm not too far behind. I also see that it's on every night at midnight--so I can catch up on the four seasons' worth of shows. It's also on Wednesdays at 8 PM. So if you get that Chicago station like I seem to, check it out. Also, the Extras season 1-2 DVD is out.

"Sid" Lester arrives at camp way early.

A quarter of British people think Churchill wasn't real?

We've got a kwiz going on.

Only the first two seasons of Corner Gas are worthwhile. It slipped quite a bit after that.


Billy talks today -- and Rusty says he's not taking the 5th.
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Thanks. This'll probably work out for me then, as I'll be watching not knowing what season each show is from. And since I'm just getting into it, I'm sure I'll like the initial bunch I see regardless from when they took place.
Hooray for Jere's mom!

So glad you're enjoying Corner Gas. I disagree with Allan: it's funny, period. Like all shows, some episodes and seasons are better than others, but it was never not funny.
Oh my god no Corner Gas is so bad. It is beyond even irony value. Days of Our Lives beats it.

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