Friday, February 08, 2008

Important 2008 Fenway Dates

Just a few I've thought of...

Tuesday, April 8th: Ring ceremony, and 2007 World Champions flag raised.

Friday, May 2nd: Return of Eric Hinske (first Devil Rays game).

Friday, May 16th: Return of Gabe Kapler (first Brewers game).

Wednesday, September 3rd: Red Sox should break all time sell-out streak record, with 456 games in a row. (Provided my mat his correct and a cancelled game throws the date off.)

In other news, I've been alive 11,842 days. I've been a vegetarian for the last 2,961 days. As of today, I've officially been meat-free for one quarter of my life. I feel better overall, but I'm not doin' it for me.

Back to the original news, Yankee Stadium has an important date, too: September 21st, the last regular season game there ever. And we hope last game period. I still can't believe they're tearing the place down. Dunbar fans will be happy that the new stadium won't have a corporate name. You can find out all about it in this article which I'd normally call "nauseating," but this one's so over-the-top, it's just comical.

I know they want to make the new place look like the old one, but I think it's stupid to keep the same field dimensions. Who cares about that? It's not like you've got a unique set of outfield walls, like with Fenway. Those walls and their positions were put there for special reasons, and back when they talked about a "new Fenway," they wanted to maintain the old look. With Yankee Stadium, you can maintain the old look and still alter the fence distances to whatever you want them to be. What's sacred about a bland, mostly uniform fence and distances that have been constantly changing over eight decades?

Roger and his wife juicin'.

The Clemens saga continues to evolve and grow, much like mold on the outside of a ripe and fragrant hunk of cheese. As always, you captured everything with your words. Have a great weekend.
There is a name in "The Nation" we shall call the New Yankee Stadium:

"The New Toilet";

They'll never defile the outside;

They'll have EVERYTHING Sponsored INSIDE, like "The Sony Stadium Club", "The Canon Copier Bleachers", "The Lowes Broadcast Booth", "The Trojenz Lovefest Section", you name it, as everything is named INSIDE;

But, A Toilet is STILL A Toilet;

A Family which roids together, gets it in the butt, together.
They should go back to the original dimensions:

490 to dead CF
460 (!) to LCF

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