Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Just Drafted Prince Fielder For My Fantasy Family

The Brewers' Prince Fielder has become a vegetarian. Sweet! I was going to link to an article, but I haven't find one yet that doesn't offend me as a vegetarian.

Everyone reporting on this is acting like Prince has decided to become a grand warlock in the church of the inanimate rod or something. The message boards are full of "oh my God, will his play be affected??" and "he's growing dreadlocks, too! What's going on???"

Another big thing is "hey, get ready for this, it's true, the fat guy is a vegetarian!"

People. Settle down. He stopped eating meat. I'm hoping we one day live in a world where it's considered the norm to not kill other creatures because taste good. But for now, I'll settle for people realizing that you're not a crazy person if you decide to not eat meat. Even if you're a fat person.


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