Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hank Sour

Some more stuff on Pettitte over at the Joy Factory. Funny, here I thought Red Sox fans were ready to inexplicably cheer Pettitte, and ol' Hank comes out sayin' we should watch out who we boo, since surely the Mitchell Report hid countless Red Sox HGH-users. Just like a Yankee fan, Hank's response to everything that doesn't go his way is to make fun of the other guy as if they were the asshole.

It's good to see Joy Boy being on the same side as me on the Pettitte thing. (Here's my original post on Andy's press conference.) Joy's a big voice out there. I'm sure a lot of people will be influenced by Dirt Dogs on this, though. I refuse to go to that site, so I don't know what he's saying, but I can see it both ways: "Class Act" or "Still a Cheater." I hope it's the latter, but I also hope people wouldn't do something just because someone on the internet tells them to. But people are easily influenced. I flipped on the radio this morning and they said that Red Sox fans would cheer Pettitte. So we'll see.

The real crime, though, about cheering for Pettitte, would be that we would have never had a chance to boo him and chant "HGH" at him. It's like, "Find out Yankee cheated, Cheer Yankee." There's a huge mistake in that thinking if you ask me. I'm just glad I'm not gonna be at that first Yankee series. Because I know I'd end up yelling at all the people cheering how they're openly cheering for a lying, cheating Yankee.

But I'm still holding out hope. After seeing those NY-paper headlines noting that, Oh right, he's still a cheater, apology or no, I feel like there's a chance everyone just lets Andy know they don't approve of people like him. People who cheated and hoped not to get caught, saying nothing, until the evidence surfaced. I really hope people see that, instead of believing this "class act" bullshit. Let the Yankee fans cheer the cheaters.

So, do you feel influenced yet?? I'm just pointing out the absolute truth. It's your call.

Now back to Hank. Let's look at the nicknames I've come up with for him so far:

Stammerin' Hank
George W Steinbrenner
Big Bank Hank
Tamperin' Hank
Hank Errin'
Sonny Whore-leone
Hank Schlock-lee
Heir Pollution
Hank Sour

If you click on the Joy link above, you'll see what he calls Hank.


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