Saturday, February 09, 2008


There was a VWR for the Opening Day lottery, but I got in pretty quickly, and was able to get four together for OD. There were some tense moments there, but I got the job done.

I cracked through after ten hours. Got opening day, but not good seats. Then again, it isn't the game itself which is the main draw. There must have been something funky going on since they ended up extending the hours until 11pm, and nothing was sold out when I finally got through (though opening day was only obstructed view and single seats).
"nothing was sold out when I finally got through"

That's the key--since you won the lottery, you had a chance, even if it took a while. Too bad it took you so long.......... glad you're in, though!
Jere: today in the NY Post's "Sound Off", two morons wrote in equating the Patriots loss to the Giants as a "curse." (Typical Yankee fan imbeciles trying to drag the Sox into it.) I dedicated a post on my blog to it today, and I thought of you when I was writing it.

If you incur the Wrath of Q, expect to suffer the consequences.
Nice, jere!

I got through after about 40 mins and was able to snag 4 for the September Saturday MFY game - great seats too.

Damn VWR though - I think they put it in so that the system doesn't get overloaded...

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