Sunday, February 10, 2008

Farewell And Adieu

Roy Scheider dead at 75. What a job he did as Chief Brody in one of my all-time faves, Jaws. "I can do anything, I'm the chief of police."

The Coke bottles have been taken down from the left light tower on the Green Monster. NESN showed them coming down just now. A January 16th CHB article said they'd be relocated to another light tower, but NESN only said that "new" Coke advertising would be replacing them up there. (Note in that article he also talks about the Pats' "19-0 ride.")

On that same show on NESN, they had a long report on the Red Sox cruise--it was Gedman heaven, as Rich was aboard, playing ping pong and signing autographs. As was Orsillo, who didn't even try very hard to fake like he was having a good time. A lot of older folks go on those baseball cruises. What I never knew was that you "share" the cruise with other teams. It was the Padres/Red Sox/Orioles cruise. What a reality show that would be....

I read with utter sadness of the passing of Roy Scheider. I will miss him. And we still "need a bigger boat!"
4 Tickets to OD?
I think I hate you.
Oh well, have a blast, drink one for me, and bring us some good pics
BTW - don't write about anyone we like a lot here, OK.
I hadn't thought about Roy Scheider in years, (except when I list the "we're gonna need a bigger boat" moment as one of the classics) then you write about the movie, and less than a week later - gone
There was another time I did a kwiz about somebody and they died right after. Can't recall who that was, though.

I will drink a 4-dollar bottled water for you...
I put a tribute to Roy Scheider up on my blog, a clip from YouTube of the scene from "The French Connection" where he and Gene Hackman convince Eddie Egan to form a task force to get the heroin baddies.

One of the best films in cinema history, in my humble opinion.
Terribly, I still haven't seen FC. But this awesome restaurant in my old neighborhood (it was on 2nd Ave at about 91st Street, but went under) called Grandma's Kitchen had pics of the movie on their wall. I asked the guy about them and he said he played a bartender in the film.
If you don't go out and buy "The French Connection" tonight and watch it immediately, you should forever give up the right to ever type the name Roy Scheider again...Quinn is right- one of the greatest American movies of all time. Maybe the greatest non-Mini-Cooper car chase ever...
I know about the car chase. From the Clam Chowdah SNL sketch (Rob Morrow, Nirvana (first time); January 1992).
Then again, how many of YOU can say you saw Tiger Town when it first came out, let alone at all?
The French Connection's famous car chase scene was filmed in the heart of Brooklyn, just a mile or so from my current residence...

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