Friday, February 22, 2008

Coincidences, Big Or Otherwise

Three lately:

1. Wednesday: My girlfriend tells me she's been listening to the song "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo" by A Tribe Called Quest. Thursday morning: The sports station 1510 The Zone plays the song going to commercial. I hadn't heard that song in a good ten years.

2. Monday: I'm looking at the back of my Twilight Zone DVDs, and I notice how the TV "season" was the same back then (early 60s) as it is today. Starts in the fall, takes summers off. And just thought about how that's one thing that's stayed constant among all the changes through the years. Tuesday: I discover this article about how NBC, after all these years, will finally scrap that plan and just release shows whenever they're ready, year-round.

3. Two nights ago: While watching a Twilight Zone episode ("Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?"), I notice for the first time that the guy who later is revealed as the Martian is sitting in such a position so that a picture of a buffalo (or some horned animal) is right behind him on the wall. Right at the point where weird stuff happens (caused by his Martian powers), you see the horns of the animal right above his head. Granted, the guy is supposed to be a Martian, not the devil, but I still figured it was done on purpose. This morning: On the UniWatch Ticker, a reader points out the interesting background positioning in this pic.


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