Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clemens Currently Lying Through Teeth To Whole World

2:40: You're on your own at this point. I'll be back later.

12:40: The nanny speaks! From earlier. Said (yesterday) that she was at Canseco's, with kids, with wife, and WITH ROGER. The nanny rules! Ooh! She says Roger invited her to his house recently after not having seen her for years! Told her to "tell the truth." This stuff coming directly from the chairman. Rusty Hardin getting pissed. God I hate this guy.

12:33: Lacy Clay now asking Clemens stuff. Clemens saying "I took no shortcuts." Surrre. Oh my god, Clemens doing that thing again. "I'm such a hard worker and you should be ashamed of yourselves for suggesting otherwise."

12:30: Now Souder asking McNamee about the needles and stuff. About getting pissed off (the phone call) and then turning further evidence over. Says to read Knoblauch's testimony on our own. Okay.

12:24: zzzzzzzzzzzzz

12:05 PM: This is getting boring.

11:49: Oh my lord. Clemens' lawyer, not Rusty, another dude, trying to interrupt. A high-raking Army medical dude said the abscess Clemens had looks a lot like it was from an injection--and not of B-12. And they ask Roger, and his lawyer guy's whispering in his ear all freaked out. Oh, I see--Clemens' side has a different doctor who made a different conclusion. Roger speaks, and is avoiding the issue.

11:37: Now McNamee doing a great job dealing with a smart-ass, Dan Burton, from Indiana. McNamee just admitting to his earlier lies, saying he was protecting the players back then. Burton kissing Clemens' ass bigtime.

11:31: McNamee now smirking as Roger lies. Roger's voice starting to break up.

11:30: Ouch. You never want to have a Congressman say, "Oh come on" to you while you're testifying. He's caught in a lie right now and he won't admit it! This is insane! Roger, just admit it! Ooh, now they're moving on to another Clemens "inconsistency." This should be good.

11:25 AM: Now they're having McNamee admit to his past lying. McNamee says he lied to protect players, but said everything he told about injections was true. Same questioner, Tierney, now asking Clemens about HIS lying, Clemens says he told the truth, but then Tierney says, "well we know you weren't being truthful," and goes over the whole thing about Rog's wife getting injected and how he DID know something, when earlier he said he didn't have any conversations with McNamee about HGH. Here we go. Here's Roger's answer: "Prior to him injecting my wife, we had no conversation...never discussed HGH in detail." This guy is George Costanza! "It's not a lie...if YOU believe it."

11:17 AM: The Canseco barbecue where everybody says Roger wasn't there. McNamee says he was and gives specific memories from the day, including Roger's nanny chasing his kid around. He even remembers the bathing suit she wore. The point is, this guy isn't just some dude who wants to make stuff up to get famous. He's just telling everybody what happened. That's what it sounds like to me. Now Roger asked about the barbecue. "I don't remember" the party. "My kids could have been." See which side is conveniently "forgetting" and which side remembers everything exactly?

11:11 AM: McNamee and Clemens now both being questioned. Remember "the phone call," and how neither side would say "I didn't do it" or "I didn't lie"? Well, McNamee says he knew the conversation was being taped, "but if you know my jargon..." you know I meant I told the truth when I said "it is what it is."

11:00 AM: Am not working in the office today, so I'm home. Didn't specifically wake up for the 9:30 hearing, but did just now get the TV on, and Roger just started talking. They went right in and asked if he thinks Pettitte is honest. Yes. They told him Pettitte said a bunch of stuff about Roger and HGH, and asked if he's still honest. "I believe Andy Pettitte misheard...."

Now he's saying, "I think Andy misremembered."

Here's a new story saying Pettitte did more HGH than he originally said. (I, and many others, predicted that one. If you admit to doing something illegal after you're caught "only twice," think about how many times that means you really did it.)

Here's McNamee saying he injected Clemens more than he previously said.

Right now, Rep. Cummings is asking Roger about Pettitte. Says Pettitte's wife said she remembers the conversation Andy had with Roger in which Roger said he admitted to using HGH. Roger keeps saying, when asked why Pettitte would lie, that Andy's "a gentleman," and "misremembers." More updates to come.

Ooh, now Rog' comes in with the "I don't remember" stuff. Not "that didn't happen," but, "I don't remember." Just give it up, man.

Indiana was a well-known Klan State in the 1920s
Roger misremembered that this is a Congressional Hearing & misremembered that he would be forced to tell the truth:

I wonder if Roger could fart & chew gum at the same time

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