Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bush League

[Update, 3:30 PM: Here's the Extra Bases report on the (p)residential meeting. Love the pants line by W. But the shot he took at Manny--come on.... Did you read what Coco Crisp said beforehand about meeting his first president? "The closest I got was to Gerald Ford Street in Palm Springs." (photo of the Papi and the hijo courtesy AP--man, Georgie's really short....)]

I updated this post. For a few of the teams, I'd written "no premium games," but they updated that for '08. So basically the finding of my report is that just about every team in baseball charges more to see us.

Reader D.C. in D.C. is going to the Red Sox' White House visit today. RSN members were chosen to have the opportunity to go. He may supply some pics. So watch for that. The team should be shaking W's cold, blood-stained hand in about ten minutes.

By the way, Coco also said he's not sure whether he's voting for Obama or Clinton in November and that other than that he'd prefer to keep his political opinions to himself. I'm happy he's a Democrat, at least.

Wake pointed to himself as "a big fan" of the current President and I pulled a face reminiscent of Youk's after striking out, though.
Nice job by Coco. I just figure any jock that isn't a Republican is a bonus.

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