Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's Really Important

This guy got a bid! All that work he did, I'm glad at least one person out there decided they wanted it. Why he'd be willing to give it all up for a measly 10 bucks, I don't know. No family to pass it on to?

In a similar story, this person scored the games in a more traditional fashion.

In me news, I just scored a team-autographed game ball from Rick Wise's one-hitter in 1976. Nice job by me.

Jere, I remember so well that one-hitter. I was on Route 44, going west, from West Hartford towards Avon, and then...then...boom, a hit! It's just one of those Sox memories that will NEVER fade. EVER!
But, was it THAT LONG AGO?? Wow.
Note: There were two Wise 1-hitters in '76. I'm talking about the one vs. Baltimore, and I'm sure Peter is, too. Just got the ball. It's awesome. Yaz, Fisk, Lee, Rice, Lynn, Tiant...
Can't believe a guy would would let all that time and passion go for a few bucks. I have an album my wife made from wood and hinges that has all my old concert tickets from the 70's. We'd only been married a few years then. It's in disrepair and there are much better ways to disply them now, but I wouldn't trade that for the world.
Congrats on the ball. 1976, eh?
I have to admit I don't remember that one....referring to the game, the year, pretty much the decade :)?
BTW - it's snowing here! That's why I'm still home at 9:00, although what we call snow here is like a sprimkle compared to those shots you posted. My wife loves the snow, she'll freak when I show her your pictures!
We need a picture!
Ok, I'm assuming Pweezil wants pictures of either snow in central NC (doesn't happen often anymore), or my ticket album. So I guess I'm justt gonna have to break down and have one of my kids show me this whole "put a picture in your post/link to a video/etc" thing. I've been meaning to learn that anyway, but am afraid to give up too much of my "geezer dinosaur" status. Oh well, next time one of them is here....
I thought he meant a picture of the '76 ball. Which I will put up. But any pics of any nerdy baseball stuff from readers is encouraged!

I only yesterday found out that the tickets from '76 had a big AL champs logo on it. Cool.
Because SoSock's comment hadn't shown up when I commented, I was, in fact, talking about the ball. BUT, I'd also really like to see the concert album as well. Handmade things are always special.

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