Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Troubling Developments

Things I've scene in the blogaxy lately:

1. Bloggers changing their names and starting a new blog. As Roseanne once said, we "know whoya are!"

2. Bloggers being paid by ticket agencies not simply to put up a text link, but to write a phony blog entry about how they just happen to really love said agencies.

3. Ticket agencies using the tagline "tickets from the source." Talk about false advertising. That'd be like me robbing an old lady of her marble rye, then selling it to the public, claiming I was the source of the rye. "Yeah, dude, it's from me. It's mine. I'm the source." Never mind that I fucking stole it from the source to become the new source.

"I've never baited a hook with a rye before."
"Your hook is too small. This is for, like, a muffin."

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