Tuesday, January 29, 2008


When New Jersey native Tina Cervasio was hired by NESN before the 2006 baseball season, she gave an interview in which she said

I know people will choose not to believe me and still think I have some sort of allegiance to the Yankees. But I don't. I asked a Red Sox fan the other day if he would ever work for the Yankees, he said no (bleeping) way. I said, well, that answers your question. I work for NESN, IN BOSTON, and I’m with the Red Sox every single day … A real Yankees fan would never work as a reporter for the Red Sox.

Someone on a message board at that time posted the above quote and followed it with

"When she's hoping to work in the New York market again (hopefully really soon) I wonder if this will come up if she interviews for a Yankees related position."

Two years later, Tina really is leaving, claiming she wants to be closer to her family--which probably means New York. She'd done several different jobs there before coming to Boston. So she'll probably be an part-time anchor for one of the local New York stations. But it would be funny if she tried to get a job with the Yanks and they brought up that interview. (Again, since she's already worked for them, and probably wants to move up from "sideline reporter," I'd assume she's going for a desk-type gig covering the full spectrum of New York sports, and not a job with one team.)

I'll miss (the other) TC saying "Tinacervasiooooo."

[video still of Tina interviewing Curt Schilling shot by me in Toronto, 2006]

Yay! No more uncomfortable Clay Buchholz post-no-hitter interviews!
I think she did her job well, although sometimes her smile was falsely dazzling. Almost as if she was going through the motions. Good luck Tina C.
Yeah, she was a horrible interviewer, with the Buchholz' post no-no one being the worst example I can recall. But I have to say that I went from really disliking her at first, to actually liking her a fair amount at the end. I think a championship year tends to make you remember everyone fondly afterward...even Gagne. Okay, so maybe I went too far with that one.

My favorite Tina moment, without question, was the Manny/L-Montro interview in Manny's hotel room. Too surreal for words; I thought that I might be watching a David Lynch movie.

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