Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tim Wakefield In California Tomorrow, Will Join Angels

The Blue Angels, that is.

If I were a team owner, I'd make sure all the contracts of my players include the phrase "no flying in stunt planes."

Which newspaper or blog will have the best knuckle-plane/floater/dipping and diving-type joke? I'll guess none of the above.

How out of character is that!?
Wake's personality has always seemed so much like his pitches - soft-spoken, low-key, all-business, not the least bit flamboyant or flashy.
This sounds so much more like something a Schilling or Papelbot would do.
How cool, though. I'd give anything for the chance myself. And I'm a pretty low-key guy too.
Back during the All Star Break in 2005, my then-girlfriend/now-wife were on vacation in Martha's Vineyard. The night of the All Star Game, we were walking to dinner in downtown Edgartown and saw Wakey with his family going out for ice cream...he was pushing the stroller. Always thought that was pretty cool.

Sox signed Sean Casey to fill the backup 1b role for $700k. Farewell, Eric Hinske...
Checking the archives, you officially tell that story exactly every eight months. Can't wait to hear it hear it again right around playoff time...

I kid, I kid. Stories (even multiple tellings) always welcome here at ARS..... Thanks. self deprecating response apparently got lost, so he's the short version:

Sorry Jere, my writers have been on strike for a few months, so I'm stuck doing repeats. Think of it as "AJM Classic"

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