Monday, January 14, 2008


The cool kind of snow falls on New England!
Click these to enlarge. Talk about Sta-Puft!

And, from the birthday boy, Michael Leggett, a shot of Citi Field going up in Flushing:

By the way, on the way home from my New Year's NYC trip, we got a god look at the new Adidas--er, Yankee Stadium, and it's really coming along. You can really see the old-Yankee Stadium look taking shape. Way better than the '76 model.

Love the snow pictures! My boyfriend, Conard, has a load going up to NH next week that I may tag along for. Hopefully the snow will still be there. (I feel bad for the poor bastards out shoveling while you are taking pictures from a cozy upstairs window!)
We had the same sticky wet snow here in Hartford. 4 inches of that stuff would equal 11 inches of the fluffy powder. But we takes what we gets.
& The Yankees will soon own a new "Toilet":

Their fans make it like that.

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