Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New(ish) Theory

So, you know how McNamee contacted Clemens, which led to the phone call Roger made, that we all heard yesterday? Maybe McNamee decided the way to solve this whole thing was to ask Clemens to make him a deal: "You give me xxxxxxx dollars, and I come out and say I lied about me injecting you with steroids, which we both know actually happened."

Think about it: McNamee asks Roger for "anything you can do to help."

Then he keeps asking Roger, "what do you want me to do?" Could that mean "....to get you to give me LOTS of money"?

Because since he'd go to jail if he admitted he was lying, he'd need a lot of dough. Remember, he also said, "I'd go to jail for you."

But the main reason he'd need the cash would be to take care of his dying kid, while he's in jail.

And just now, as I was surfing around, I saw someone from the Houston Chronicle already came up with this theory. Oh well. I thought I was so clever right up until this paragraph. As you were....

Nothing like a good conspiracy theory!
Actually, from what I've read, McNamee text-messaged Clemens to please call McNamee's kid (the one who has the life-threatening GI disease) -- who currently is at a totally different phone # (with the kid's mom, I presume) because McNamee is sorta in hiding...

Because Clemens is a hero to the kid, and McNamee thought it'd cheer the kid up.

Anyway, Clemens doesn't do that. He lines up his attorneys instead, and starts the tape recorder, and calls McNamee directly.


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