Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Favorite Fenway Pricing/Seating Quirk

If your seat is in the bottom right corner (looking at the stands) of outfield grandstand section 10, you've paid $30 for your ticket (2008 price). The person one seat to the right of you paid 50 bucks for their infield grandstand seat. The person directly in front of you also paid 50 for their right field box seat. And the person one row down and one seat to the right, diagonally adjacent to you, paid a whopping 90 dollars for their loge box seat.

And it's not like there'd much space between the four of you. The infield and outield grandstands are separated by that wall (the one you have to step over if you're walking out toward right field and you don't want to go down the ramp, around Canvas Alley and back up the next ramp), which means the outfield side is a foot or two higher, and there's that blue metal bar between loge and infield grandstand, but there aren't even any aisles separating you (30-dollar McGee) and your three richer neighbors.

Would you not be taunting that 90-dollar person the whole game? "Hey, can you tell what's going on from down there in the loge? I can't see so good from up here in thirty-dollar outfield grandstand!"

My girlfriend thought that would be mean. But she did ammend that to say, "unless it was a Yankee fan."

Actually, now that I think about it, you can get the same effect in left field. Only there it's even worse, because the 90-dollar people are directly in front of the 30-dollar people in section 32 and 33. And in 33, you can have a seat right along the fence a few rows down from the Monster, and have a 90-dollar person right in front of you who's also along the fence. It's a weird spot, due to the angling of those rows, where one front row seat is directly behind another. How crappy would that be to know that person behind you paid a third of what youd did for a slightly better vantage point which is as close to the playing field as your seat is?

Hey, did you notice Patriots' Day is just considered a regular game this season? It was kept out of the April/May/September sale, but it went on sale with the bulk of games yesterday. No special lottery. Singles still left. Is it possible they move it from the morning start to a regular 7:05 game in '08? Time is still TBD.

*photo by me, last regular season game of the World Championship year of 2007.


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