Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kwiz Seeds

The opposing team's first baseman in the game in which this Dwight Evans curtain call occurred hit his first major league home run (in the city he was born in) off of what pitcher? (Non-clue: This pitcher faced a man who shared his nickname in his first career home game and in his last career away game. They were the only two major leaguers who went by this name* to face each other in the last 125 years.)

[Bill Belknap photo]

*meaning it was a nickname, but it was the name they went by, as in Dizzy Dean or Pee Wee Reese

Update, 2/2/08: I found this Globe pic, and I think it's from the same day. I'm even picking out some of the same crowd faces.

Candy Sierra.

Nice job! Six for Ryan.
Photo has to be '90, from Tony C. armband. (Also, if you Google that photographer, you can find where this shot is used on Red Sox Connection, and it says it's from Dewey's final season in Boston, which was '90.)

Marzano, 20, check.

A check of Evans homers with Marzano in the lineup narrows it down. You can see where Dewey had two homers one day and one the next. June 23rd, his second dong is a walk-off. On the 24th, a Sunday afternoon game with a packed house, with Marzano hitting two spots after him in the order (next guy at plate, guy after in on deck circle, Marzano with helmet on at far left of dugout), he hits a homer, and is given a curtain call for capping off a fine weekend. (It also could have come after his game-winning sac fly in his next at bat, but I'd say it's after a dong.)

Almanac shows an 80-something degree day, hence the shorts on the camera person.

First baseman in game: Randy Milligan. First homer off Candy Sierra, who faced Candy Maldonado three times in 1988. The only other time two Candys played at the same time was 1872-1875, Candy Cummings and Candy Nelson, who most likely faced each other a few times at least.

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