Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kwiz Peacock

The man at the plate in this picture hit a World Series home run off of a pitcher who was his teammate at the time the pic was taken. The next time that pitcher faced the Red Sox (after this pic was taken), he gave up what player's only major league home run?

Prize news: The winner of this year's Kwiz Season will win a prize. As will the second-place person. The prize so far consists of nothing. But I'm adding to the pot. First and second prize will get a free copy of my book, although it won't come out until after Kwiz Season is over. But the first place prize will also include 1 (ONE) 1982 Topps cello pack of 28 baseball cards and 1 stick bubble gum. Current standings here.

Sam Bowen?
Sam Bowen
Good job, both. 3 each, since Mike's answer wasn't posted yet when Ryan answered.

Game in pic was Opening Day '78, Eck vs. Alexander, Eck facing Campaneris in top 1, he homered in Game 7 '73 series off '78 teammate Matlack, who gave up Bowen's only ML dong later in '78 in Texas.

Was gonna further it and involve the old Faith No More song "Mark Bowen," but didn't....

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