Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kwiz Nichols

Click to enlarge. And then tell me what mistake(s) you see with this pennant.

I'll keep your answers hidden until, let's say, 3:00.

And don't forget to vote for Joy of Sox. Last day!

Tim Lollar listed as Mike Loller?
Marc Sullivan listed as Mike Sullivan?
Joe Sambito listed as Joe Saminto?

All guesses except Lollar 'cause the fine print is hard to see.
"Mike Sullivan" instead of Marc Sullivan
"Mike Loller" instead of Tim Lollar
Marty Barrett's last name is missing the 2nd 't'
"Sam Stewart" instead of Sammy Stewart (minor, but still incorrect)
I found two: "Mike Loller" should be Tim Lollar, and "Marty Barret" was misspelled, as his last name ends with two t's. Very sloppy...
Found another: "Mike Sullivan" should be Marc Sullivan. Who was responsible for putting this pennant out? I hope they were fired...
Geddy's backup was MARC Sullivan, not Mike...
Loller's first name is "Tim" not "Mike." Also he didn't play in the ALCS. Which would be OK if they were just including everyone who played on the team that year, but since they leave off minor players who were on the team that year it is inconsistent. Also inconsistent would be listing Sammy Stewart as "Sam." Everyone else has nicknames, he should too.
Since this is a mistakes, plural, question, I will venture to add that the MLB logo should also be half blue, as they have obviously used blue ink on other parts of the pennant. But other people have probably said this already.
AJM's comment sums up the exact five I came up with. (The four players, plus two mistakes in Lollar--first name wrong and last name spelled wrong.) Yes, Sam/Sammy was one I considered a mistake.

So, he got them all.

Pweezil got three. And Sambito is spelled correctly, as far as I can tell.

Quinn got four of five.

Matty chimed in with one.

And Ryan got the Tim/Mike part of the Lollar issue, plus the Sam/Sammy thing. As far as Lollar's name appearing in general--I'm gonna let that one go because I had a different version of this same pennant on my door as a kid for years (only mine had all the names correct), and Lollar was on mine, so I think he made the cut, pennant-wise.

Ryan's second comment, though, is awesome because it's one I didn't see, and I was hoping someone would find something I missed. The "blue ink used elsewhere" proves his theory. The logo should be half-blue. Maybe this "all red" logo is what makes this pennant a bootleg...

Scoring to come.....
AJM: 1.4
Ryan 1.15
Quinn: 1.15
pweezil: 1.0
matty: .3
Just added them in. Looks like Ryan's 1.15 gives him exactly 25. Totally not done on purpose. I always come up w/scoring without looking at the standings.
I'm just glad that you gave us an easy quiz, and that for once I actually saw it in time. Didn't want this entire Kwiz Season to go by without me getting at least one right.

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