Monday, January 28, 2008

Kwiz Kennedy

The opposing starting pitcher in this game has middle name that's the same as an evil character's name in a video game. Name the pitcher and the video game.

Note: The person who took that shot obviously doesn't like people stealing his photos. Hopefully they don't mind. You can search the name on the pic on ebay and see all the amazing pics they have up there. Lots of great Sox shots from back in the day.

Pitcher: Richard Otto Lange

Game: Berzerk
Incredible job, Ryan.

The year was 1974, as we can tell from Luis Tiant's alternate hat that was only worn that season. The lineup tells us that the game was July 14th, 1974.

And the opposing starter was Lange. "Evil Otto" was in Berserk.

Interesting how for the DH, in its second year, they'd just put a blank next to the number instead of "DH".

6 points. Ryan lengthens his lead.
It was definitely the weirdo hat.
OK, come clean.
Where do you find the different uniform information?
I knew that the shot was mid-70's because it was Tiant. And I knew the hat was a special edition thing. But I certainly didn't remember which year they used that hat, and I KNOW you didn't.
I went to BR and started looking thru Tiant's home games for that line-up, but started 1 year too late, and gave up after about a year and a half's worth. So I came back to check comments and there's the answer already.
Oh well, I can't be too pissed. I got to listen to my brand new, remastered copy of Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Sky Is Crying" with Little Wing while I looked.
I thought the '74 alternate cap was a well-known thing. I mean, there has only been the one basic cap since the 30s, although the B changed shape at one point, besides the 70s red cap, and the one year when we had a red and a white alternate. Other than those, the only notable hat was the '74 alternate.

To see the uniforms and caps of all teams for every year, see the Hall of Fame on lone exhibit. If you're missing out on this, get to know it immediately. Seriously. It's in my links section at right under "Uniform Database." There are minor mistakes in there, but for the most part it's an amazing tool, as good as the Red Sox all time list by number at, and retrosheet or the BR Play Index.

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