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Kwiz Jolley

Amy and Kara have been desperately trying to answer the last kwiz, which I will now finally give the answer to, in the comments there. Click here and scroll all the way down. Nice try, everybody.

The next qwizz will be a weird one. Tell me the total number of points you think will be scored (by both teams combined) in the national championship game Monday night between LSU and Ohio State. The person closest to the total will get 4 points, the next closest will get 2. I won't reveal anyone's guesses until a little before the game. Let's say 7:00 PM. So get your guess in by then. (So, comment here with your guess, but know that it won't show up until 7.)

Current Kwiz standings here as always.

What a score I made today. Imagine if Pee-Wee's Big Adventure in its original VHS box just arrived at your doorstep. Well, that essentially happened to me. Our neighbors were getting rid of a box of tapes, so right there, on the sidewalk out front were the Pee-Wee tape, a copy of Wayne's World in a rental case (complete with artwork, not a blank case), an "SNL Annuals 1992" tape with no case (which I assume means the best of the '91-'92 season), and some label-less tapes, in other words, possible hidden treasures. My one mistake was grabbing a copy of Trippin'. I thought it might've been in the Breakin' vein, although a little more modern. But on closer inspection it's from '99.

Some of you logical types might be wondering why I's want these tapes, considering I most likely (yes, I do) own them on DVD. First of all, to have a movie in a rental box is like having a Mass Pike ticket. The defining characteristic of these items is that they aren't yours. You can do what you want with them for a given timeframe, but you have to relinquish them in the end. Now I've got a rental Wayne's World and a Mass Pike ticket (about ten years ago, one of the toll machines spit out like four of 'em at once at me). And as for Pee-Wee, maybe I wouldn't buy it on VHS, but for free? How could I not add it to my collection, if only as a display piece?

What a movie day it was for us, as Kim & I, after that score, went to the Trident Cafe on Newbury Street and got to watch Ghostbusters as we ate. Granted, there was no sound, but that only made it more fun, as we were able to recite the film--you know, without that pesky actual soundtrack getting in our way. It was just starting as we sat down, at their little bar, right in front of the TV.

So, three of the greatest films ever made, all enjoyed by me, each in a different way, within a few hours. And, that whole thing where Clemens continues to be a liar and a cheater. Everything's comin' up Milhouse in '08.

48 (ish)?
OK, I'll chime in, even tho the Dire Straits quiz made my head hurt! I did enjoy the hell out of watching the video by one of my all-time favorite performers, tho.
For '08 I've decided to blog more. I've even started work on my own blog, although it will be later this week before there's anything worth reading.
So I'll get things started with a guess of 49. I'm thinking 28 - 21 LSU
"But Marge! Maybe I'm not getting enough...estrogen!"

As for the game: LSU 42, OSU 17, making a total of 59 points. You heard it here first. Unless someone else already guessed 59.
Ohio State vs. LSU: 52 points.
I'd like 73, please.
57 points.
OSU 33, LSU 17

I have absolutely no knowledge of these teams.
LSU 28
The Ohio State University 24

So, sosock is the only one who really gets screwed, needing to get it exactly right to get the 4. ryan also in rough shape. 44 or less, AJM wins, more than 66, pweezil takes it. Good luck!

I was surprised at the high amounts, with 48 being the lowest until AJM's last minute guess. And Vegas thinks 47.
email from mom at 7:22:

"Dad, who as we all know went to grad school at LSU
("Hot boudin! Cold coosh-coosh! Come on Tigers,
poosh, poosh poosh!")says LSU 28, Ohio State 24. That
would be 52 points."

Finally, two people with the same guess, as my dad joins Q w/52.
38 LSU
35 OSU
13 points in the first quarter. At this rate, we're lookin' at 52.

And if you throw out the high and low guess, our average guess is 52.4. Interesting.
Michael, you were a little late...

So, 34 at half. 68 total at this rate, which looks good for pweezil.
48 points after three. AJM is eliminated. If it ended now, Nora would win, with sosock second.

But the average right now would be 64, which would give Matty the win, and pweezil second.

And then there's the controversial Leggett guess. Hmmmm...
Kara looking good with 10 mins left. One more TD, and she gets first. Two more, and she gets second. A TD and an FG and she ties with Matty for first.
But now LSU can pretty much run out the clock. THey still could score, though. 3 mins left.

Could Nora really hang on, NO points scored in the 4th? We'll see....

As I type that line, LSU steamrolls through the OSU D, now close to putting it in the end zone.

Hmmmm, will they be forced to either kick an FG or a TD? It should be 4th down before --- TD! Oh my lord. It's 55 points, with Kara in good shape if they make the extra point.
Matty needs a meaningless TD here...

1:42 left. 2-point conversion wouldn't matter in this contest.
Matty's got a real shot here.
Matty wins it in the final minutes!!! (Unless somehow someone scores again.)

62 points.

4 for Matty, 2 for Kara, if these final 1:13 run off the clock with no more points.

pweezil looking for an onside kick recovery and quick score.

Matty's 42-17 prediction also very good.
Recovered by LSU. That'll do it.

LSU 38, OSU 24.

NOTE: I knew I'd have someone's math wrong. AJM didn't say 42, he said 52--so he was a lot closer than I said he was and was in it til the end there.

62 total points.

Matty's 59 gets him 4 points.
Kara's 57 gets her 2 points.

And Nebraska gets LSU's coach. Nice!
"I know what the 'Pro's' in Vegas don't want you to know! I've been pickin' winners since you were in grade school! All you have to do is call my free, automated recording and I'll tell you who to pick! There's a reason they call me the King of Quiz-Related Sports Betting! My track record speaks for itself- call now!"
I'm not doing a very good job of defending my kwiz champion title...I didn't even realize that I had 4/10 of a point. Maybe I should subscribe to Mattysox' betting service. I guess I should just consider this a rebuilding year and focus on the farm system and draft picks.
jfMatty, what are the odds you send me those coaters?:)

jfAJM: Eh, somebody else deserves to win for a change. You're like the Red Sox of kwizzes--winnin' all the time....
The odds aren't good until the spring, when (hopefully) we, meaning me and Garth, move out of (her) parents' basement into our own place, get all our stuff out of storage and I find the coa[s]ters. Then, after I'm done playing roller hockey in my extra large living room, and after we track down Garth's Sports Illustrated football phone, then I'd say the chances are better than average.

(Sorry, WW2 was on tv today...)

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