Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jays Blew In '07, Blow You In '08

I just got the Red Sox e-letter that they're always sending, and in this one, I noticed a curious thing. An advance sale for Red Sox tickets for games against the Blue Jays. In Toronto! Click here to be welcomed with open arms by the Jays to their own stadium, where they'll happily have you root against them.

I've criticized the Jays in the past for their willingness to pander to opposing fans, but now they're just coming right out and not only saying, "Please come to our park," but "Here's a chance to buy up the seats BEFORE OUR OWN FANS HAVE A CHANCE TO."

Remember when some stoonod wrote an article claiming that Red Sox fans buy other parks' tickets, as if we somehow are stealing them in the night before the home fans have a chance to buy them? Well now the Blue Jays are actually making this possible! I know thee other parks love it when we show up in droves, because they get all our money. But believe me, I am all for at least pretending like you want your own team to win the damn game. And like you care more about your own fans than the visiting fans.

Terrible job, Blue Jays. Oh, and by the way, we would've got all the tickets anyway. You didn't even need a special sale.

I was thinkin' this wouldn't do any difference... Can't beat the scalpers at the SkyDome though.
I just can't imagine finding out the Red Sox putting on a special PREsale for Yankee fans, and having an ad for it going out in a Yankees email.
But they want that attached SkyDome Hotel sold out every night. Hey, if they don't sell out when the world champs (I LOVE typing that!) come to town, there's something wrong in the first place. North of the border. See ya, Jere. Hello Andrew. Still blogging??
Different Andrew, I think.
You'll notice, though, that the Red Sox are a "super premium" game...fifteen bucks more than a regular game, I think, for the 200-level infield seats...of which plenty are still available...
Hi Jere
Off this subject, I know, but I wanted to thank you for the info on the uniforms. I already bookmarked it. Pretty cool. I already had the others, in fact I use retrosheet quite a bit. I also use BR altho I haven't forked out the money to join yet. So far I've found everything I've looked for in their free section or at retrosheet.
And IF I lived in a city with a big league team instead of baseball purgatory, I'd be pissed as hell if they pulled a stunt like that. I hope we're all missing something - like maybe locals got early access or something.
When I saw the offer on the Red Sox e-mail I had a good laugh.
The Jays are getting pretty desperate.
Imagine the Sox doing that!!! There would be another Boston Tea Party only it would happen at Fenway instead of the harbor.

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