Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Not Baseball

From bloggers to [people who are for some reason paid to write about "sports"], everybody's saying exactly what I feared the most about a Boston-New York (actually Foxboro-East Rutherford) big non-baseball match-up:

That I as a Red Sox fan am somehow affected by it.

any hint or semblance that Tom Brady is remotely injured is enough to have any Bostonian reaching for the Valium.

100% incorrect. Some Bostonians don't like football. Some don't like sports. Some like football teams other than the Pats. And some people--even New Yorkers--are rooting for the Patriots, as they hate the Giants (though the Valium idea is a little strong.) Because people "from New York" don't like "every New York team."

But there is a simple way for New York to return the favor, perhaps return to the old days and certainly have something just as vicious and painful to hangover every Bostonian's head as that historic baseball comeback in the fall of 2004. The Giants just have to ruin the Patriots' perfect season in the Super Bowl on Feb. 3.

Let me get this straight. If a certain result happens in some stupid football game, Red Sox fans will walk into Yankee Stadium in 2008, as fans of the World Champions, hanging our heads?

Some people are just ridiculous. And should be fired immediately. The guy also says "New York is everyone's rival in virtually every way (sporting or not)." Shut up and die. Why is lying considered journalism? This whole thing is just so stupid. I'd boycott this Super Bowl but I'd look awfully silly at the party I'm going to, facing the corner with earplugs.

Boston is cool. New York is cool. It has nothing to do with sports. And baseball and its rivalries have nothing to do with football or basketball. Red Sox baseball has never been about Boston to me anyway. It's about your grandpa's cottage at the beach on the Connecticut shore with the game on channel 38. It's about a radio coming from a little ice cream shop on a boardwalk of a Maine beach town. It's about Ken Coleman's voice accompanying you on a drive to the Cape, or to upstate New York. It's about rooting for the Red Sox surrounded by Yankee fans who don't know left from right, in Fairfield County, Connecticut. It's about watching a game in a bar in New York City, with a hundred of the most loyal Sox fans you could ever meet, all of whom are New Yorkers.

So I wish everyone would shut up about completely made-up shit that has nothing to do with baseball.

62 days til Opening Day.

I hate football.

I love valium.

End of story.

Now, where's the Truck?
Amen, Jere. The BS coming from the Super Bowl matchup is reaching record levels of stupidity.

Thanks for writing such a great post, especially mentioning that some New Yorkers are Sox fans.
Another two weeks until we celebrate Truck Day, redsock.
Dude, the Super Bowl is hyped every year...I'd rather the NY/Boston angle than two weeks of kissing Favre's ass...sorry the Jets suck (even though you say you don't care.) Quinn, sorry the Vikings choked. Redsock, sorry you can't get into the Argonauts or whatever. For the rest of us, football is a big deal, as big a deal as baseball for some of us. We're enjoying the living shit out of ALL of this- sorry it's having such a drastically negative effect on your life as a Sox fan...
Can you at least give me a "Giants suck?" Come on Pats fans, let's see the Giants hate--or do you not want to offend your parents and grandparents who are all Giants fans anyway?
Rock on, Matty! Well said.

As for Giants hate, there's not enough left in a hate tank that's been emptied by Colts hate. But having a Manning on the opposite side of the ball is somewhat compelling, although not exactly the same thing.
Honestly, the Giants don't "suck." Ok, they do, sort of, but I don't hate them. Never felt one way or the other about them, really. And I don't understand how people can hate the Colts more than a division team. I will always hate the Jets more than anything in life besides the Yankees, Duke basketball and Grease. But yes, it does help the "They suck/I hate them" thing to have a Manning in the Super Bowl. At this point, where I'm at with the Mannings, I find myself yelling at Danny Manning when I stumble across old Kansas b-ball games on Classic...poor guy.
someday it would be nice to see you write more about your own thoughts on things than your thoughts on others, what they choose to write about, how they choose to write about it, and whether or not something they wrote about is something that you could possibly find a way to be offended by. if my valium comment was a little strong, what would you call "shut up and die" because someone made a generalization you disagree with? you ever hear the expression "clean your own side of the street"?
My line about your valium line was a small side note to my complaint with what you said, which was a generalization of all Boston people. I also was mad about another person making a generalization about all non-New Yorkers, so I told him to shut up and die. (Note: not that I was going to kill him personally or anything like that--it's kind of like saying "reaching for the valium", just a figure of speech.)

If you saw things written about "all women" and "all Bostonians" and neither applied to you, being both, wouldn't you say something about it, at the very least on your own blog? I did it in my own space, letting people know about the generalizations other people are making about me, and some of my readers.

"write more about your own thoughts on things than your thoughts on others"

I do all the time.
yeah, the valium and shut up and die things are very comparable--they're both hyperbole. my post that you link here was also a quick "side note" post, and i didn't obsess over whether or not a particular word was going to possibly make someone else feel like they were being generalized.

i'm just trying to say that if you're going to take other people to task for the slightest thing, the fact that you personally are doing the same things in the process makes you a little less credible.
I was never even upset about the valium thing anyway. What I was getting at was that you said "every Bostonian", implying all people from Boston are Patriots fans, instead of saying "Patriots fans" or "a majority of Boston football fans" or something.

If I were a Pats fan, I wouldn't have seen your valium line and been all offended by it, saying, "hey, some of us reached for a different drug!" or "That's wrong, I didn't feel the need to take anything, I just got a little nervous!" It has nothing to do with the reaction of the Pats fans, it has to do with the fact that you called me one of them. Along with a whole lot of people who like a different team, don't like football, don't like sports, etc.--not to mention Pats fans or anti-Giants people who aren't Bostonians, and may even be New Yorkers.

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