Friday, January 25, 2008

Important Note

People who have been following this blog for years know this, but if you're new to this site, I just wanted to make sure you understand something very, very important. I haven't even looked at the dirtdogs site in a good two years. And before that it was "go to it occasionally just to know what to make fun of it for," and before that it was "go every day but fume over the lies, racism, and hatred of some of my favorite Sox players, and then write about that at my own blog." And at that point, we're talking three to four years back.

So, yeah, it's important to me that you know where I'm coming from. As each fan discovers the internet version of the Red Sox, they probably see that site first, and think it's law, only to slowly come to their senses. It happened to the best of us. If any of you happen to be at that initial stage, I hope you'll do some searching, and realize there are plenty of ways to follow the Sox online without even needing those big, colorful, misleading headlines that the guy just pulls from the Globe anyway. Or does he still do headlines? I wouldn't know. The guy used to have an "inside source" or whatever, but that ended with the A-Rod trade, December '03. And that fell through anyway.

I was sure that site was done a long time ago, but a new, snotty TV ad for the Globe shows its logo prominently. It seems it'll just always be there, like the Republican Party. It's a shame.

And yet, unlike the Republican party of the 19th century, DD was never cool. Now that you are living up here you may come to realize that dirtdogs and WEEI form the axis of the mouthbreathing faction of sox fans. (At least the morning and afternoon shows, dale & holly are usually reasonable). You can identify them by their frequently expressed belief that white but only slightly above average players are somehow more the heart of the team than the non-white ones, who are always somehow "naturally" talented.
Jere, I haven't been to that place (DD) in so long. And I feel the same way about Surviving Little. When I used to be on the comment page there, people were unkind, to say the least. Maybe alcohol (not me!) had something to do with it, but there was a "gang mentality" element, a "ready to lynch someone" type of thing. Directed at me! So I've stayed away from their comment section, and actually I've just totally stayed away. I actually receved a comment from someone a few weeks ago. Who? No idea, but I was accused of "borrowing (his/her term)" the title for one of my posts from there. I explained firmly how off base that misdirected and deranged thought was.
Oh well. My two cents worth. Have a great weekend and take care of those wonderful cats!

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