Monday, January 14, 2008

I Spent Way Too Much Time On This

I was thinking about seeing the Red Sox in Cincinnati this season, and I noticed the $7 bleacher seats are going for $22 for that series. So I did some research. It's not like I didn't know other teams charge more to see us and the Yanks, but I decided to check up on all the clubs. Here are the "premium" opponents of the 16 teams the Red Sox play on the road in '08, along with the range of price increases per ticket. (I also included the hip names teams use besides "premium" where applicable.)

Baltimore: Red Sox, and I assume Yanks and maybe others--no actual list I can find for these "Prime" games, 25%-89% increase.

Chicago White Sox: Red Sox, Yanks, Cubs, Op. Day, July 4th, and one other random game ("premier" games), 27%-82% increase.

Cincinnati: Red Sox and D'backs ("premier" games), 22%-214% increase. ("Select" games, Cleveland & Cubs, have lesser increases.)

Cleveland: Red Sox, Yanks, and other non-team specific games, increase up to 25%.

Detroit: No premium games, but free Red Sox or Yanks game w/ third or half season ticket plan.

Houston: Red Sox and Yanks, 28%-143% increase. (And no $1 seats available for these games.) Red Sox/Yanks tix only available through lottery.

Kansas City: Red Sox, Yanks, Cardinals, 19%-55.5% increase. (4% increase for the 230 dollar seats.)

LA Angels: "Tier 2" games: Red Sox, Yanks, Dodgers, July 4th, and Opening Day. Up to a 50% increase.

Minnesota: Red Sox, Yankees, and Brewers, 10%-71% increase.

New York Yankees: Can only get "premium games" (Red Sox/Mets/Final Game) tix through lottery. And no group sales for these games.

Oakland: Red Sox, Yanks, and Giants, 11%-17% increase. These teams also considered "marquee opponents" in ticket packs, along with Angels and Phillies.

Philadelphia: Premium games are all games Memorial Day to Labor Day, but Red Sox and Opening Day tix available only through lottery.

Seattle: Red Sox, Yanks, and Opening Day have $3 charge added, equaling a 4%-43% increase.

Tampa Bay: Red Sox, Yanks, and Cubs ("prime" games), 28.5%-73% increase.

Texas: Red Sox, Yanks, Opening Day, and four other single games ("premier" games), 7%-67% increase.

Toronto: "Super premium games"--Red Sox and can't tell who else, roughy 10% increase.

So, you'll notice that every team we play that has premium games, which is nearly every one, puts us in that category. And you'll pay a lot more to see us.

Some notes: Have you ever looked at the Devil Rays' ticket prices? I think I just figured out why no one goes to the games. Okay, the other reason why no one goes. The "home plate club" seats cost $210. That goes up to $272 for a Sox game if you buy the day of the game. Day-of-game, prime game tickets then go down to 152, 117, 72, 57, 47, 40, 40.... That's right, we're down to the eighth-highest level, and you're still paying forty dollars. For a Devil Rays game. And remember, Rays fans, if you don't buy until the day of the game, you'll always pay two dollars extra! Give those poor people a break, Rays organization. You already took the cool part of the team name (Devil) away from them!

Thanks for posting this. My wife was able to find those $22 tix last night which was actually a relief. Upon first tix release I went to a well known tix site where the prices I saw for bleachers were near $100 per on the Sat game.

I nearly lost my mind considering those are normally about $10 for scrub teams. My plan was to catch all three games (I live in lower Ohio), and I thought that we weren't going to be able to catch all three. Now, it looks like we will.

Thanks again for posting this. REALLY good to hear.
No problem.

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