Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Hope To Check Back Tomorrow And Find Out That Pete Rose

Did you know this?
On September 11, 1985, Rose was thought to have broken Ty Cobb’s all-time hits record with his 4,192nd hit, a single to left-center field off San Diego Padres pitcher Eric Show, though a subsequent review of Ty Cobb's hits revealed that two of his hits were counted twice. As a result, Pete Rose actually broke the all-time hits record against the Cubs' Reggie Patterson with a single in the first in the Reds 5-5 called game against Chicago on September 8.
I've been searching for info on this for a while, to the point where it's starting to sound vaguely familiar. Maybe. I don't think I knew this. So this means my birthday is the day the all-time single-season HR record was broken (in '98) and the date the all-time career hit record was broken. (By a juicer and a gambler, woo-hoo!)

When did this happen? Was there a press conference? Did Eric Show commit un-suicide when the news broke? The whole thing only seems to be mentioned on a few sites. Many official sites say nothing about this "later research."

Vote for Pedro. In this ESPN ranking thing about best single-season accomplishments. He's not getting that much respect. Then again, there are only five baseball players on the whole list. Pedro's behind Ruth, Ted, and Gibson, and is ahead of Bonds. It's funny, Bonds has three times as many first place votes as, say, Jerry Rice, who has 30,000 more total points. Which means the Bonds fans ranked him first, but the Bonds-haters left him off or put him way down the list. Terrible job in Pedro's description, where they neglect to mention which year they're talking about. I hope he gets more votes, because he was truly dominant as we all know. Wilt the 20,000 man is running away with the thing as of now.

I started changing the number in the url to see their other polls, and I came across this one. I noticed after I voted, that I was the first to vote, even though it was dated December 18th. I changed the number again, and a similar poll came up. They must've scratched the first one and only linked to the second one. The topic was best story of 2007. Terribly, in the poll they used (change the "70" to "69" in the url), the Red Sox winning the World Series--AFTER BEING DOWN 3-1 IN THE ALCS, AFTER HOLDING ON TO WIN THE DIVISION AFTER EVERY STUPID NEWS AGENCY WROTE BULLSHIT STORIES TITLED "WHY THE RED SOX WILL BLOW THE DIVISION"--was not an option. So go to that link, and vote for the Red Sox, even if only we will see it. The first person to go there will notice that only my two votes are showing up. Red Sox lead all with two first place votes, and A-Rod is dead last. Let's make it a blowout.

*You can only vote once on each computer, and I was on the other one earlier when I found the thing, and now I'm on the laptop. I'm not crazy. I'm not gonna hack into it to try to make the Red Sox get a million votes or something, on a poll nobody is seeing. Eh, check that, I probably would if I knew how. Am crazy. Also note--I never liked when people called Pedro "Pete" or "Petey" (or Jorge Posada "Georgie," for that matter). I see it almost as "I don't know how to say that, here's your American name." But in the title of this post, I called him Pete for pun's sake. Or pun for Pete's sake or something.

Eric Show did not commit suicide dumbass.
When you take a speedball when you're already in a rehab clinic, you're not exactly trying to continue your life.

I got your separate e-mail, and no, I wouldn't like to make out with you, but thanks for the offer.

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