Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Great '76 Fenway Slideshow

Check out this awesome gallery. Scroll down and click "Start Slideshow." It's someone's pictures from the Red Sox-Twins game at Fenway Park on July 11th, 1976, two days after Tom Yawkey died. (It then goes on to a 1995 game and a 2002 game.)

So much stuff here. The AL championship flag (flags at half-mast because of Yawkey). The Buck Printing Co. sign, now only barely visible because of the "new" center field message board. The way they just put "Yaz" in the lineup on the board. A deli across from Gate A! The batter's eye--same sections that are blocked out today. The old actual bleachers toward the top of what we now call "the bleachers." The ad on the board selling pieces of the Green Monster (they changed the bottom portion to padding that year, too) for under 8 bucks a pop.

And of course, the outfits of the fans. And much more. Where has this slideshow been all my life?

Thanks for posting that, Jere; perfect images for a cold, rainy January morning. It's a cliche, but those pics really take me back to my first trip to Fenway in Aug '75...I was a little kid, and thought the place looked like a magnificent palace, so it's really funny to look at it today and realize how much less built up the park was then, compared to how it looks today.
It's funny how the word luxury can be such a relative term, as in the 1976 luxury boxes.
Pretty neat slideshow. How in the heck do you find these kinds of things?
jfAJM: You could make a similar slideshow with your 70s pics.

jfPweezil: I found it while doing a research project. Hopefully I'll get it up here soon.
Pretty damn cool.
I watched thru the 1st part (76) this am but had to stop and go work some. I hope to get to the rest of it this evening sometime.
Interesting - the author and I are the same age, neither of us have lived in Boston, but we both are life-long fans.
Cool shots from 1976. I was at Fenway for the first time about 6 weeks later (August 22).

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