Thursday, January 10, 2008

G'Night Everybody

Was just about to do the very un-Jere like thing of going to bed in a time that ends with PM. And I thought, I should throw a blog entry up. Maybe. Thought about going with "I saw (some of) Look Who's Talking tonight for the first time, and the main thing I noticed was the fact that it was supposed to take place in New York, yet it clearly was not filmed there. Grass on the sidewalk, sunny, wide-open streets, and even mountains in the background."

Yeah, real interesting. I was gonna scrap that and just leave you with whatever my last post was.


Minutes ago, I get an email from the Mighty Quinn. He sends me a link to a story about an upcoming dinner near Hartford featuring three former Red Sox players. Can you guess who they are? Clue: Name, like, three of Jere's favorite Red Sox of all-time. I don't even know who I'd consider the headliner on this list, so I'll call them:

The father-- Bill "Spaceman" Lee.

The son-- Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd.


The holy ghost-- say it with me, in bold caps: RICH GEDMAN.

Link to article here. It's 40 bucks to get in. I gotta go. Will I? We'll see. But how could I miss this?

I'm in for the dinner with Gedman, Oil Can, and the Spaceman.
Sounds like it was shot in Vancouver, BC
Kim had the same thought....

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