Sunday, January 20, 2008

EEI Get Off The, EEI Get Off The, EEI Get Off The Air

What I just heard on WEEI led me to assume it was some kind of "opposite day" at the station. Or maybe a psychological experiment.

A question was asked. The person was being serious. It was a host, don't know the name, along with Bob Lobell. The question was:

"If the Patriots don't win the Super Bowl this year, will it be more devastating to the city of Boston than the Red Sox loss to the Yankees in the 2003 ALCS?"

Instead of laughter, followed by the station immediately being taken off the air by the FCC, we heard Lobel on the fence, then a caller say the Pats loss would be more devastating, followed by Lobell changing his mind and agreeing with the caller. And I didn't hear the other host disagreeing.

So these people, who are paid money to do this for a living, can honestly say that a team coming so close to getting to the World Series for a chance to break an 86-year drought and losing, would NOT be as bad as a team winning three Super Bowls in four years but then falling a game or two short of adding a fourth title? I swear, this this undefeated thing is turning people into morons. "Oh no, if we don't win every single game, I'll be devastated. I'll only have three recent championships to fall back on!"

After hearing New York sports radio all my life, and now having heard a lot of Boston sports radio, I can say that the Patriot fans who call these stations are no worse than Yankee fans who called New York stations in the '99-'01-ish era. I admit, I don't like hearing Red Sox fans being overly pessimistic, but I think I'd rather have that than ever hearing a Red Sox fan act so sure about victory to the point where they don't even feel the games need to be played at all. It's like that kid at the World Series last year with the "Can we celebrate yet?" sign. Again, optimism is great, but what parent allowed that one? Celebrate like crazy--when it's over.

Also, in case you're still trying to make up your mind on Clemens, here's the latest guilt-proving article.

Or, as I once referred to certain WFAN Callers as "Whiny Long Island North Shore Princesses", The WEEI Gang can be just as annoying:

Lately, a lot of Boston Area Callers, now call WFAN with regularity, as 'EEI runs syndicated programming all night;

Back in '79, WEEI was NewsRadio 59 & was owned by CBS.
Jere, I did read that Clemens article earlier, and all I have to say is this to Roger. "Tell the truth!" Or it'll be the consequences, in Bob Barker's words.
It's funny to see this post, because I was clicking over here to stoke the fires of hell in your paranoid, New York media hating mind with this little tidbit from the estimable New York Daily News:

"In the long and bitter rivalry of New York and Boston sports, the Giants stopping the Patriots from a perfect season would be the most incredible accomplishment yet, topping the Red Sox coming back from a 3-0 deficit to the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS."

That was written by a guy named Gary Myers, who believe me, is no Mike Lupica. Take that for what it's worth.

In true "Clemens planting the seeds of future cop outs and failure" mode, the New York press has already figured out a way to erase the biggest choke ever from their books. Which is ridiculous, because as you allude to in this post, in neither city does football trump baseball in terms of passion and interest. Sure, there are those, like my friend Kimmy, who live and die with the Pats more than the Sox, but that's not the norm.

So to answer your original question, or point as it were, a Pats loss in the Super Bowl would not be as "devastating" as the Aaron Boone game. Not only that, but I don't think a loss in the SB this year would be as devastating as the Pats loss to the Colts in last year's playoffs. Maybe that's just me, but that Colts game was a stomach punch game right up there with '03 Game 7. At least for me.

If the Pats don't win the SB, has the whole season has been a complete waste of time? Hell yes. Does that make it a "devastating" loss? No. The G-Men played us very tightly and very well just a couple weeks ago. A loss to them would be less stunning than blowing a 21-3 first half lead to the Colts, which is only rivaled by blowing a 5-2 eighth-inning lead to the Yanks. Did I answer your question?
That Myers quote is exactly the bullshit I went to bed fearing last night. Two weeks of it to come. I want this Super Bowl to just be canceled. If the Giants wins, somehow as a Red Sox fan I'll take heat from it. If the Pats win, I have to hear about how the Pats are now more important/popular/whatever than the Red Sox.

As far as them already trying to erase the choke, they already have: plenty of Yankee fans took last year's Mets collapse and proclaimed it the worst ever, in that way where they just act like it's truth. Like, Oh, yeah, didn't you hear?

Anyway, it wasn't my question, but you answered it. I just think any loss during an 86-year drought is more devastating than any loss during a two-year drought which followed a zero year drought which followed a one-year drought. That's why the question shouldn't have been asked.

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