Monday, January 14, 2008

Easler Mistake

I just watched a segment on Jim Rice on one of the Red Sox shows on NESN. Good stuff. Always good to watch old Jim Rice highlights to bring you right back to childhood.


Key mistake. One of the shots of Jim Rice was Mike Easler. All of a sudden, there's the Hit Man, taking a swing in the batting cage. I thought, Okay, they're about to bring up the fact that Easler was a friend of Jim Ed's, and maybe the fact that they were both Red Sox hitting coaches after they retired. But no. They simply found a clip of a black man with a mustache, in the '80s, in a Red Sox uniform, and assumed it was Jim Rice.

Let's pretend the two men look enough alike so that you could mistake one for the other. Fine. But how is it that no one who worked on the piece noticed that in one clip, Jim Rice is batting left-handed...


And wearing number seven?!

And it's not like it was a half-second clip, it was a slow-motion shot of a swing.

Terrible job, NE-eFC,CT-SN.*

Here's a shot of our chain-linked fence. Notice some of the holes are almost completely filled. How does that happen?
A pic I messed with--Prudential Building over generically-named convenience store. With snow. And weird sky. If this had been in focus, I tell ya...

*New England--except Fairfield County, Connecticut--Sports Network

"Key mistake. One of the shots of Jim Rice was Mike Easler."

That's actually pretty funny. Clearly, they have no editord, either, with any baseball knowledge.

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