Monday, January 21, 2008

Damon Strings Series Of Words Together

Johnny Damon endorses America's favorite torture-supporting candidate.

I love the ignorance of a Floridian saying "New York was bad and scary until Giuliani made it safe."

That son of a bitch!

I wasn't even that mad when he went to the Yankees, but now... any well wishes toward him have been extinguished.
To quote my ex-next door neighbor:

"Baseball players are very simple people"

He said this after we attended an A's game together and after purchasing the A's official yearbook we noticed a page which listed all the players' favorite books, cars, sports, etc. The number one favorite book of the players: the Bible.

Yes, indeed.
Haha! Awesome.
Wow, you posted within a minute of each other, even though it's 1:30 in the morning. So my above response is to JS.

To SFSF: Good point. Hey, that's weird you posted about favorites, as I think JS has blogged about that topic before.

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