Monday, January 07, 2008

Clemens Further Proves Guilt

Have you been following the Drew Peterson case? This is a dude who's so far gotten away with killing one wife, possibly two, yet he's so smug, you don't even have to see the trail of evidence against him to know he's guilty.

Roger Clemens is the baseball version of this guy.

So he tapes a conversation between himself and McNamee. In it, Brian repeatedly asks "what do you want me to do?" Roger refuses to answer. Clemens' lawyers act like McNamee's the liar because he never says "I injected you with steroids." They don't mention the fact that he didn't say he didn't, either. Or that Roger wouldn't just answer McNamee's question with "TELL PEOPLE YOU LIED."

I think Roger didn't answer because he's the one that's lying, and Brian didn't mention the injections because why would you? If you were under the impression you were having a private conversation with someone you shot up with steroids, why would you say "so, 'member those times I injected you with steroids?"

Then the press conference started, and Roger turned into his usual madman self.

Q. "Are steroid users cheaters"

A. (suddenly sweating) "Arrggghh, RogerMonster no like question, you bad for asking, me good. ME TALK LOUD TO MAKE YOU SEEM LIKE LIAR."

Seriously, what kind of asshole has a chance to clear his name to the public, and ends the session with the "screw you guys, I'm going home" walk-away tactic?

Oh and then there was the part of the phone call where Roger acts like he'd never heard of Radomski, the Mets clubhouse guy. You can just tell he's lying through his teeth, saying "I don't know that cat!" And McNamee's providing specific examples of times he brought the name up. And Roger's just sitting there, lawyers at his side, knowing he can just keep denying, denying, denying.

Going The Way Of Pete Rose, only Pete's a Lot More-Loveable.
I tried so hard to be even-minded and unbiased when I saw R. Clemens on the TV. But good lord. He is a tool and a douche and he totally used steroids.

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