Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I was so looking forward to rooting against the Pats in the Super Bowl, seeing them fall one game short of an undefeated season. But then the one thing happens that doesn't let me do that. The damn Giants make it in.

This would be like if the Braves, or any non-lovable NL team, won the World Series four years in a row, and you're just dying to see them lose one, only to have them end up playing the Yanks, and being forced to root for them, as rooting for the Yanks would not be an option.

So do I automatically root for the Pats? Do I hate the Giants as much as I hate the Yanks, to the point where there's no situation where I could root for them?

If the Pats win, I have to hear even more about how great and perfect they are. And they'll take even more popularity and air-time away from the only team that really matters, the Red Sox. You talk about a perfect season? My perfect season is an entire calendar year in which WEEI spends every minute talking about the Red Sox. Okay, maybe not EEI, but a good station, if it existed. The good news, besides the fact that the crusty old Dolphins would no longer be the only undefeated team in history, would be the fact that Red Sox fans could rub in something else to Yankee fans, provided said Sox fans are Pats fans and said Yankee fans are Giants fans, which, as we know, is not always the case.

If the Giants win, well, my worst nightmare--which, as Matty pointed out, has already been brought up, as a New York writer has proclaimed that a Giants win would top the Red Sox 0-3 comeback against the Yanks--would come true, as next year at Fenway Park, I'd have Yankee fans making fun of me for "choking," because of something the Patriots, who I could care less about, did.

When that thought hit me, I thought, That's it, gotta root against the Giants.

And I thought I'd made my decision. But then I thought, Wait, screw that, I could be at Fenway next year, see people with their "Giants World Champions/Greatest Upset Ever" shirts, and high five them and tell them "good job, some of us are sick of the Pats!" And then we could talk about how cool New York is and stuff. And how much they enjoyed Boston when they went to college here. Because even the Yankee-est of Yankee fans know that to have bragging rights over your rival, you actually have to beat them. Your team. In that sport. Not some other team that plays in the same ci--wait, the Giants play in New Jersey, and isn't Foxboro in Rhode Island anyway?

I "stopped paying attention to football" to avoid dilemmas like this. But even if I was still rooting for the team I grew up with, the Jets, I'd be in this spot. Because I only gave up rooting for my team, not rooting against other teams. That's what kills me here. If I'm officially no longer a football fan, I should be able to root for any team, even the one I always thought of as a rival. I should look at it this way: If the Pats were from Montana and the Giants were from Idaho, I'd be rooting for the Giants, no question. But if the Giants were the team who had won three recent Super Bowls and were going for a perfect record, I'd root for the Pats, no question.

It's weird, I grew up with hatred toward the Giants, and indifference toward the Pats. It's funny to see how those emotions can be swung by talk of perfection and dynasties and pretty boy QBs who wear freakin' Yankee hats....


All I know is:

I'm pretty sure I've managed to be a fan of both the Red Sox *and* the Patriots. See, there is no Sox news right now -- which is as it should be, Epstein! no need to mess with my World Series winning team! -- so I can focus on the Patriots. Whose season will end, conveniently, eleven days before pitchers & catchers report. And really, can they be all that bad if guys like Schill & Papi & Youk show up at their games, wearing jerseys? I think not. Plus, Mike Lowell, a recent convert himself, sums it up: (and I paraphrase) "Why not? Let's just keep those championships rolling into Boston?"

Just please don't root for a Manning. Ick.
Your concern about the Patriots "taking over the airwaves" is unfounded. They could go undefeated for ten years in a row and the Sox could finish in third during the same stretch and it would still be a Sox town. Why the hell are ya worried about the ratio of Pats to Sox talk on EEI anyway? You strike me as the last person to listen to that junk...same with the papers. I thought you got all your Sox news from Joy of Sox...
Not that worried. And you're right, it should always be a Sox town, but, I don't know, I don't want these other teams sharing in my glory:)

Dawn, ironically, my girlfriend says I should root for Eli since I don't like Payton. I just don't like any of these teams/people.

When I hear you and matty talk, I wanna just be like, Fine, I'll take the Pats, and Boston will reign supreme--especially over the specific NY teams I don't like. But right now I'll leave work and hear someone on the radio act like the game is already over, Pats 1000, Giants 3, and I'll swing back the other way. I'm still rooting for a cancellation.
These people who act like the game is over already are clearly not also Sox fans. Sox fans know that you do not tempt the sports gods' wrath...
Whoever predicted a 1000-3 score was probably talking about Patriots versus Mini-Giants...

Just remember, Coach Belichick is a full-size Belichick, in case you wanted to change your answer...
"I don't know, I don't want these other teams sharing in my glory:)"

Well, that's just too damned bad, Jere!


WOO-HOO!!!! GO PATS!!!!!!

And the above poster was right-no one should ever root for a Manning for ANYTHING!


Someone Who Loves the Pats Almost As Much As the Sox!

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