Saturday, January 26, 2008

All Tickets' Eve

I've fully planned. I've thought of all the previous issues and prepared myself for them should they come up tomorrow morning. But I feel like I've overplanned. Like, maybe last year was the height of perfection, and maybe they'll change the system or my computer will break or something this time.

Kind of like how every Christmas, I have all this fun with Chan and Gumby, when Gumby comes back for his yearly trip. And every year, I try to plan everything out to ensure the magic of the previous year is recaptured. Yet this last time, everything got screwed up, and there wasn't much magic.

I need to go to bed. I'm clearly thinking too much. The milk and cookies are out, the war room will remain quiet. All that's left to do is wait. And sleep. See ya on the other side, Ray.

Oh wait, before I go, there's something I've been meaning to write about, and I was just reminded of it yet again by a TV commercial. Has anyone else noticed that we are in a renaissance for bad commercial music? Historically bad. Those Old Navy ones from holiday time where it sounded like the woman was being tortured. While singing in what sounded like German. The "just another ordinary miracle" one. Oh my lord. Make it stop. And there are too many of 'em to mention. But it seems like every commercial break, I'm puking. Okay, I'll flip around right now to find some. Got one. "You're the only rea-zahn" for AT&T. Horrid. And I'll admit there are some that aren't too bad. Just came across two--the one Geico one with the dudes singing that train song in the background, and that Hey-la Hey-la one by New Pornographers, but even that I'm getting sick of by now. But in general, I feel like there are more bad ones playing at one time than ever before. TMBG are almost incapable of making a really bad song, and their latest in the Dunkin' Donuts series, for which they've done at least six, is Freezing at Pee-Wee Hockey, which is better than a lot of these other crappy tunes. So we've got that, too, but still. Ooh, Splash is on! Crap, I really need to get to sleep. I have this on DVD! But it's the classic "Charlie Brown Christmas Special Syndrome"--it doesn't feel right watching it unless it's airing on TV. Okay, I gotta go watch Splash. Hey, there's that cop who also plays the cop in Ghostbusters. Commercials now. Let's keep it right here. "Code Orange." Only mildly bad tune. Bisquik Shake and Pour. No reaction. I guess these aren't too bad. But there are a lot of really bad ones. That's the point. Hey, how long til they put commercials in the virtual waiting room? Oh--here's one, the Listerine Whitening Strips. Ba da da da da dah. Terrible job, jingle singers/writers.

On this Saturday morning, GOOD LUCK!!
In at 10:00:05, out and purchased at 10:03. The trick was to get in early (my tabs were up at around 9:20, eventually one gets through, and then you switch months after 10 AM and all the "T" links show up.

Had the same experience as this guy :

except my order went through. I got greedy and went back for more, and that's when my order hung on a blank page, seemed like they started booting everyone who had a page open before 10 AM.

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