Tuesday, December 25, 2007

You Wanted The Best Xmas Ever....

I wonder if Yankee fans, after just assuming George Mitchell personally injects David Ortiz with secret home run power juice, will have anything to say about Roger Clemens being asked the hard-hitting questions by Mike Wallace, a friend of Clemens who's been known to sit in Steinbrenner's box.

And Murray Chass must have taken some HGH. How else could his "stupid disease" have cleared up so fast?

On a completely unrelated note, we watched Kiss Loves You tonight. It's a documentary about Kiss fans that starts in '94 and goes through Kiss' many reunion tours. (I saw them in 2000: "Hello Uncasville and surrounding areas!") The best parts are the deleted scenes. What a great story by Handsome Dick Manitoba. His old band, The Dictators, got kicked off one of the old Kiss tours after Dick decided to recite one of Paul Stanley's pre-packaged crowd-speeches during their opening set. And in the '96 press conference to announce the initial make-up comeback, an eagle (or whatever animal has the best hearing)-eared me picked up on the name of a press member who asked a question: Nick Scoullar. You know, the Instant Talk Show guy. The Fancy Nancy's boyfriend guy. Apparently, he was the host of a show back then called the Anti-Gravity room, which was one of those shows that started on public access and eventually got picked up by a major station, in this case the Sci-Fi channel. I had no idea Nick was already famous. I completely missed all of this. He must've been really young at the time. I guess that show was his Seona Dancing. I wonder if Fancy Nancy watched that show as a youngster. That'd be weird. That'd be like if I were dating Moose or Lisa Ruddy right now. (It wouldn't be Lisa.)

Anyway, for some reason, watching all this Kiss footage, I kept getting the feeling someone I knew was gonna pop up on the screen. I don't know Scoullar personally, but I almost crapped my pants when I heard his name come up during this 11-year old footage.

Kiss is a band from Queens & the 1st 4 Letters, comes from Kissena Blvd

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